Stay Fit & Healthy to beat COVID-19

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Lose NOW weight to reduce your health risk

Having a BMI of over 25 and especially being male and over 60 increases your risks of succumbing to COVID-19. It has been well known that being overweight leads to higher morbidity factors. Did you know that the average age of when a male gets there first serious illness is only 63 years?  You can safely lower weight by avoiding sugary food and eating low carbohydrate diets. Carbohydrates are a predominant food source, yet give no nutrition, they are simply complex sugars that are broken down into blood sugar by insulin. Avoid high blood sugar can quickly and safely help reduce BMI. This is especially important when living in lockdown with limited opportunities to exercise. By moving onto a blood sugar reduction program you can also reduce blood pressure, pre-diabetes, and risk of fatty liver and other killer diseases. Here are two scientifically prove programs, one by BBC TV Doctor Michael Mosely, and an 8 week coaching program with a blood sugar monitor attached to your body and full program of consultation. 

Blood sugar based weight reduction programmes

These types of programmes can help you lose weight in a matter of just a few weeks with little exercise and also reduce hunger pangs, both the programs below have also reversed Type 2 diabetes which is a high risk factor with coronavirus (COVID-19).

Dr Michael Mosely's Blood Sugar Diet 

 New advanced programme created by an NHS Pharmacist, 

How Vitamin D can help build anti-viral protection

These are MUST watch videos for people with dark skin or who can't get enough sun on their skin.

How sleep can help you beat COVID-19

Why sleep is so important right now?

Coronavirus pick on human frailties, like being overweight, weak immune system, diabetes.  

Right now it's hard to sleep due to stress and anxiety. It's all too easy to stay up late drinking and binging on comfort food. Resorting to drugs and alcohol which might send you to sleep but in the end creates poor quality sleep.  This will also affect your mental health increasing depression, ability to cope with stress and anxiety.

Find out how all of these problems can be addressed by simply getting 8 hours sleep a night.


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