MK Food banks

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The MK Food Bank have teamed up with MK Council to launch Food Bank Xtra and meet the challenge of Coronavirus.

Food Bank Xtra is a city-wide food service, with additional staff and a new, larger distribution centre to ensure it has the right resources to cope with the additional demand expected during the Coronavirus outbreak. 

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Milton Keynes payments from Local Welfare Provision

The Milton Keynes council can provide a limited number of residents with discretionary payments from the Local Welfare scheme, or LWP. The government funded programme can help address emergency needs such as for safety or health concerns, and this can include providing grants for various household expenses. All financial aid is at the discretion of the council, and can include credits for bills, rent arrears or basic needs such as food bank vouchers. Find out more using the button below.

A simple way to waste less food and benefit the people of MK

MK Community Fridge launched on Saturday 1 July 2017 and in its first two years diverted more than 48 tonnes of food from the bin to the people of MK. By 2018 and 2019 independent MK communities launched new community fridges across West Bletchley, Woughton, Coffee Hall, Netherfield & Great Linford. The fridges are set up to be used without assistance.  Use the button below for more information.