MK local community resources & help 


Our children are little hero's, too and here are some companies in MK doing their best to support them and you. Contact me to add more to the list.

Missing their grandparents, extended family, friends and school. Lack of normal routines, loss of structure to their day. Parents who are stressed, worried, scared and just different.

This is where your local community is pulling together, Many local companies in Milton Keynes are pulling out resources to help relieve some of the pressure on parents and add some happiness back into the current situation.

Here is just a few -

Mini Monsters Soft Play - Their Facebook page is full to the brim of activities and ideas to help keep any Mini Monster entertained. With colouring sheets, quizzes, puzzles. cooking ideas and more. Be sure to check out their Facebook link

Crescendo Performing Arts - They want to see your talent. They are asking the community of Milton Keynes to show them your talents. Performers, musicians, dancers and singers this is your chance. The stage is yours. Upload your video clips and/ or pictures to their Facebook page.

Corina's Cool Kids - "Ain't No Party Like A Corina's Cool Kids Party" 
Corina and her team are pulling out all the stops to help give something for our children to look forward to, character discos, live quizzes, story time with your favourite princess, and the list goes on. Corina is also able to provide 1 to 1 character calls or pre recorded personal clips for your child to watch over and over again. Corina's cool kids can be found on Facebook

Story time with Catharine - Catharine's little bookshop virtual storytelling. Monday to Friday at 4pm, Catharine can be found reading stories for a variety of age groups. Catharine also has extra added treats such as activity pages linked to the books, as well as puzzles, quizzes, worksheets, and more. Find the group on Facebook.  

This is just a few of the amazing support from local businesses within Milton Keynes. Helping make magical memories during this difficult time. 

Give your little hero's more cuddles, more one-on-one playtime, and an extra dose of patience and forgiveness as together, we WILL beat this. 

By Kirsty Taylor-Price, 

Contact at : Kinetic Tailored Promotions