MKC40 Events

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Summer Party Fund Raiser Plans

The first ever MK Channel 40 

Beating Coronavirus is now being planned.

This is what's in place so far:

Venue: The New Lowdnes Arms, Whaddon.

4 High St, Whaddon, Milton Keynes MK17 0NA 

The venue is equipped with safe-distancing.

We will create several safe distancing meeting points.

Time & Date:  17.00hrs to 21.00hrs Wednesday 26th August

Charities likely to be supported:

  • MK Hospital Charity
  • Macintyre

We will have places for fund raising stalls and are open to as many charities as we can fit.

Depending on number pub may provide an outdoor barbecue.

Livestream on Facebook from 6-7.00PM with 



100 tickets will be available and all proceeds will go to charity.

To get involved email

Or phone 07403 901384