About us

Connecting Milton Keynes Communities

MK Channel 40 (MKC40) was started as an emergency 'grass-roots' local newsgroup to facilitate a caring, sharing, and protecting the Milton Keynes Community community.

Our name was borrowed from the original pioneering local TV channel that served MK in the late 1970s, this was a people's local TV channel by the people and for the people of MK "Channel 40". Back in 2019 we helped produce a special recreation of Channel 40 in our TV studio in Kiln Farm for an MK Art Gallery project as part of MKs 50th anniversary - so I thought the time has come to have its community channel spirit reinvented to help beat the pandemic.

MKC40 started up on 16th of March 2020  as one of dozens of community action groups created to help us beat the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.  It has teamed up with several groups and local Community Radio Station, Secklow 105.5 FM. This means is does not compete and wishes to play an overarching role linking, private sector, public sector, charity, individual and religious groups with a unified communications strategy focussing on news and educational content to inspire unity around common values that everyone in Milton Keynes better work together beat the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

MKC40 is currently operated and funded by myself and brilliant team of content providers and moderators. It's visible on several platforms, including YouTube, Facebook and this Website and we are also linking with Secklow 105.5FM to syndicate news.

MKC40 was originally meant to be a short term emergency project but with over 2,000 members I have been asked to find a way to continue and make it a permanent service. The plan is to continue giving free services to MK charities and not-for-profits. Businesses that want a special promotions showcasing what they are doing to care, share and protect will also be given free promotion as part of our new MK Channel 40 partner programme. Moving forward any MK business that becomes an MK Channel 40 business can nominate a local MK charity to and if they commission any work with John Allard's company I will contribute 20% of this revenue to their chosen charity from my company which is The Video News Factory Ltd (TVNF). TVNF creates news, training, live-streaming and video marketing and customer service channels from a studio in Kiln Farm. This company operates MK Channel 40 and also a specialist division called 3D Animation Wizards which provides advanced 3D product animations.

Individuals, community groups, public service bodies, and commercial organisations are welcome to partner and help make MK recover and become an even better place for all of us to live and prosper.

John Allard - Founder

MKC40 Business Partnership & 20% Charity Donation Scheme

The NHS in Milton Keynes is supported by countless charities who will be vital to care for and aid the recovery of Milton Keynes citizens of all ages. Despite generous government grants these charities are suffering a catastrophic loss of income.

Equally, our MK businesses must bounce back and MK Channel 40 is launching a new initiative open to all MK companies, including direct competitors to The Video News Factory Ltd, i.e. other video and digital marketing companies. They will get free promotion here linked to their charity and any future work commissioned with The Video News Factory Ltd, 3D Animation Wizards or MK Channel 40 that is commercial and funded will have 20% of revenues donated to you nominated MK Charity. Watch this video find out more about how to become an MKC40 business partner.